Conference objectives

The introduction of innovations and key technologies in agricultural engineering

And familiarize with the latest achievements in agricultural management

The introduction of universities, research centers, professional associations and consulting engineers

To provide for deliberation and exchange of thoughts and ideas of scientific and industrial experts

Recognizing the problems and challenges associated with agricultural management

Familiarity with science and new technologies to manage agriculture

The development of education, culture and the promotion of agricultural correct

Creating an appropriate atmosphere for students and faculty members across the country increasingly familiar with the latest innovations and achievements in the field of agricultural research in Management Sciences

Communicate more and to provide a platform for scientific interaction

Improve the level of knowledge of researchers and students and conference participants through dialogue, interactive development of scientific - research among the academic community

Engage experts and scholars agricultural management

Challenges in the areas of management plans and pathology Agriculture

Increase public awareness in the field of agricultural management

Iran and get acquainted with the latest achievements and advanced technologies in the world

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