Conference topics

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Management, economics, agricultural extension and education

Mechanization and Agricultural Machinery Mechanic

Watershed management and soil and water resources management


Geographic Information System (GIS)

Agricultural Biotechnology

Identify and weed

Manufacturing plants and agroecological

Science, Technology Seed

Science gardening and landscaping

Animal and Veterinary Sciences

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Food Science and Technology



Forest, grassland and desert

Irrigation and Drainage

Rural Development


Standardization, management systems

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Pollution (water, soil, air and noise)

Crisis management (floods, earthquakes, fires, storms, dust and water)

Management and conservation of marine mammals and fish

Ecotourism and Sustainable Development Management

Management, planning and environmental education

Management, design and urban planning

Waste management and recycling

Energy Management

Economics, law, ethics and culture environment

Tourism, evaluation and land use planning

Water and Wastewater Engineering


Geography and Planning (natural, urban, rural tourism)

Climate Change

Biodiversity, habitat conservation and protected areas

Biological Sciences (Plant / animal)

Passive Defense and Biodefense

And all issues related to Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment

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